The Hungarian Section of the Combustion Institute under the auspices of the Federation of the European Sections of the Combustion Institute organized the 7th European Combustion Meeting (ECM 2015), in Budapest, Hungary, from 30th March to 2nd April, 2015.

The ECM 2015 followed the tradition of the previous ECM meetings:

ECM 2003 – Orleans, France
ECM 2005 – Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
ECM 2007 – Chania, Greece
ECM 2009 – Vienna, Austria
ECM 2011 – Cardiff, UK
ECM 2013 – Lund, Sweden

The ECM2015 conference in numbers: 428 participants (including 198 students) from 38 countries attended the meeting. The ECM2015 conference was preceded by the 3rd Topical Workshop entitled "Taming uncertainty in combustion chemistry: experiments and models". The topical workshop attracted 143 participants, including 72 students. The organizers thank the contributions of the five invited speakers of the ECM2015 and the two invited speakers of the workshop, and the support of the eight sponsors. In total, 330 posters were presented on the ECM2015 in 5 poster sessions and 301 six-page proceedings papers were submitted. The share of the participating countries (according to the affiliations) is shown in the figure:



This website was used to communicate the latest news before and during the conference. It has now been converted into a permanent repository, where several important pieces of information can be found, such as the slides of the invited lectures, the list of posters, a summary of the topics of the posters, the pdf files of most of the submitted proceedings papers and, last but not least, the conference photo.


The organizers hope that ECM2015 was a memorable event for all participants.


Tamás Turányi

Head of the Hungarian Section of the Combustion Institute


Gold sponsor


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Bronze sponsor